In 2009 I became a vagabond, selling everything I own and traveling the world.

Berlin was my first destination, and a month’s stay produced a huge range of photos. One of the highlights was on day five, when my friend George and I happened upon the “Fuck Parade”. Though the Berlin wall had come down in 1989, the tension between the comparatively rich of the West and the poor of the East seemed evident to me.

When exiting a train station in what used to be East Berlin we encountered a street parade immediately outside the station. The crowd was “different”.

Alternative was the norm here.

There were a mix of happy celebrants and angry discontents. The only common thread seemed to be beer, drunkenness, and loud hard rock music.

We asked a police officer what was going on. He said it was the “Fuck Parade”, and the people were protesting the lack of jobs. He sarcastically added that he was not sure any of the participants really wanted a job and he was not sure who would be interested in hiring them if they truly did wish to work.

Regardless, George and I had a great time milling through the crowd and seeing the sites.

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