The Tijuana Cultural Center (CECUT from the Spanish, “Centro Cultural Tijuana”) opened its doors October 20, 1982. It is popularly known as “La Bola” (the ball) because of its spherical shape. It was designed by architects Pedro Ramírez Vázquez and Manuel Rosen Morrison.

When I first saw the building I knew I had to photograph it and I returned a few days later with camera in-hand. The photos above are from that visit. You can also see a fashion shoot I did several months later at the CECUT with Nayely.

There are so many wonderful lines to this building! I think I could easily shoot here a dozen times and find new lines and angles every time.

While Tijuana is usually a sunny place, the first day I took photos it was overcast and the lighting was relatively flat. I decided to use the flat tones and convert the photos to black and white to keep the viewer focused on the lines and shapes.

The center contains a big esplanade that can hold up to 6,000 people and is often used for concerts, festivals, performances, and expos of different sorts. I have particularly enjoyed an annual festival celebrating the food, crafts, and arts of Oaxaca. Oaxacan mole is wonderful, and I have been able to sample numerous varieties at the festival.

The CECUT houses an IMAX theater and other buildings in the complex host wonderful art and photography exhibitions. I encourage you to visit if you have the chance.

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