Street Stories: Mauricio

Mauricio is from El Savador, where he had a job assembling hot water heaters. An Arab man killed his daughter in a hit and run accident, and got away without any punishment. Mauricio found out the man was living in Chicago and went and beat him with a baseball bat. He was arrested and spent six months in jail.

While in jail Mauricio found out he was going to be deported and told the authorities he was from Mexico, because he did not want to return to his troubled homeland. He was deported to Tijuana where he now lives on the streets.

His body is covered in bites from black spiders. His stomach has a large distended area where something is obviously wrong internally.

Mauricio and a friend clean the alleys and backstreets, and collect materials for recycling. According to Mauricio, the recycling centers do not treat him or other homeless people fairly. The recycling centers pay them significantly less than the advertised rates, using the excuse they the are homeless and probably stole the items they are recycling.

Before all of these events Mauricio was married, but his wife wanted less troubles in life and a man with more money, so she left Mauricio.

Mauricio is optimistic about the future. He believes in time, he will be able to work his way to a better future.

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